Best Reference Speaker for around 700 GBP??


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi guys am posting this thread because I wanna know what you guys think is the best speaker for around 700 pounds??

It doesnt matter if its new or used(just something not very outdated) and preferably a standmounter. I know a lot of people seem to be extremely pleased with the EB Acoustics EB1 and EB2 but going through the forums and reading all the trouble and wait you have to go through is making me doudbt it, since I live in the US and the wait would be even longer because of shipping.

So go ahead, tell me whats the best you've heard or the best your money can buy at around that price??

Thanks, all opinions welcomed!!


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Apr 8, 2011
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Quad ESL 57's / 63's. Best for that magical midrange.

EV Sentry III's. Best for dynamics - with a wide open and detailed midrange and treble with average bass (compared to the Bozaks) and good all-round sound. Look out for scruffy Altec Model 19's too.

Bozak Symphony. Best for bass - with a smooth non-fatiguing midrange and treble and good all-round sound. Look out for Bozak Concert Grands too.

the record spot

Used standmount - Mission 751 which deliver an obscenely good musical sound for the money. £300 in their but mint example can be had for around £100. Of course, if you're looking to use your budget to the full, you might be very lucky and land some Audiosmile Kensai speakers which are apparently lovely. The Missions are good but just get better the better the amp they go with.

Of course, for your budget you get some great speakers, but it really depends what you consider as being 'reference'.


Assuming you will want something that will look okay in a normal living room:

ProAc Studio 140 or D2, Monitor Audio GR60 or GS10, Kef Reference Model 2 or 3.

If you're okay with more 'retro' looking speakers, IMF TLS50's.