Best low budget dac


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Best low budget dac

The new ifi audio uno for around 80 euros, the iFi Audio ZEN Air USB DAC for 100 euros or my topping d10s (109 euros at

Ifi Audio ZEN Air USB DAC is the same price as the Ifi Audio ZEN Air BLUE Bluetooth


iFi Audio ZEN Air DAC Review (my topping d10s don't sound as if theres channel inbalance at low levels)

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Mar 7, 2023
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I use a SMSL D300, I like the musicality. To be honest, I don't have other DAC to compare other than the ones in the amp or a mac, but it beats both.


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I bought the iFi Audio ZEN DAC Signature USB DAC

Price is the same as the Zen dac 2 that has no power supply and adding it to the 100-110 euro zen air dac i think won't give as good sound as the first signature V1

I thought it was good deal

Theres the uno, the air dac and then the signature models