Best headphones for iPod under £40


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Aug 10, 2019
My Apple headphones which originally came with my iPod have broken and I need to buy a new pair.

Does anyone know what kind to recommend? Ideally, they need to be under £40 and white to match my MP3 player. I was never too impressed with the quality of the originals by Apple and looking on the net the consensus seems to be they're awful so I'm not too keen on buying another pair.

I'd read good things about the Sennheiser CX300 headphones and was all set to buy some until I read that they pick up/transmit noise when they rub against clothing while running. As I use mine at the gym a lot it sounds like they would no longer be suitable.

Has anyone got any experience of how severe this effect is and what else, if anything, would people recommend?


Hi. Go for a pair of Sennheiser CX100 or CX200 these should fit the bill.


Go for the CX300's my friend and i guarantee you will not be dissappointed, the sound is unbeleivably clear with great depth and warm bass levels when worn in. They are unbeleivably comfortable and have just survived a 6 month tour of iraq where thay have been used and abused everyday. As for the running/feedback problems ive had none as yet and im doing about 10k per day so you cant trust everything you read. Only thing i would say is check the quality of your tracks on your ipod, import at around 320kbps (High Quality) or even lossless if you have plenty of memory left and you will be astounded at the quality the CX300's can reproduce.


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Dec 28, 2007
I'd check out the Shure SE110s, they were £50 last time I looked, but you might be able to get them cheaper. They're frikkin' brilliant headphones though!


The Shure's seem to be great from everything I've read about them. The only thing putting me off spending slightly more than my original budget of £40 is the way they're worn over the back of the ears!

Can they be worn the "conventional" way as well or not?

Also, are the Ultimate Ears phones "over the ears" style as well?

After my original post last night, I saw on the internet Sennheiser CX500's which apparently have tackled the problem with feedback. Does anyone know anything about them?


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