Best DVD player at around £1000 - also sounds good with CDs


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Aug 10, 2019
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So which is the best at this price?

Obvious selection to look at:


Denon DVD3930

Arcam DV137

Cyrus Diskmaster 8.0qx

Pioneer 989Avi

Marantz 9600 (Have to be 2nd hand as too expensive brand new!)


So which is the best and which sounds good with CDs too. I'm going to be using it with the kit shown below and I can't find any comarative reviews of £1k DVD players. So please help. Ideally if you've heard more than one of the above and can comment on their relative performance, not just the "I have one and it's great" responses.

They're all great, but which is best?

Cheers! Will


Nope. Mortgage free! No debt at all. Feels great! Though no savings left either any more. So now not feeling so great!

Still trying to decide on a DVD player. From recommendations it's looking like I save my ass off for an Arcam FMJ DV139. But a Yamaha DVD-S2700 was also recommended. Know nothing about this machine. Anyone have a view?