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Best CD player

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Jul 28, 2007
[quote user="drummerman"]I am surprised you like the Rega. A lot of detail but reserved and laid back, very hifi.[/quote]

I heard it quite a lot as my mate got it, not my absolute taste (you start to know me, drum!) but it sound details, smooth mid range, nice treble and natural bass will appeal to millions. Agree with Cyrus 8 (and 7Q), 2nd hand buy prove to be amazing value.


[quote user="Clare Newsome"][quote user="InvisibleGoatMan"][
But I really just want other peoples hands on opinions, especially having lived with a player, not magazine reviews..[/quote]

Because obviously spending hours with the products over their typical multi-year lifecycle; using them in a wide range of set-ups; hearing them against most main rivals; often having extended time with them in our own home systems....none of this counts?


Yes, of course it counts, but 1. I can read them myself (and do), and 2. I like to hear what people think of something having 'lived it in a little' - without the myriad of other machines being tested at the same time, and I assume journalistic pressures.



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