Best Audio Samplers? Your recommendation for the budding HiFi enthusiast.


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Jul 28, 2022
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We've had the favourite track of the day thread and this has been incredibly popular among WHF community but I like to take a different approach.

You want to test your system or try out the speakers prior to purchase in the showroom with your music of preference, well why not try out the audio samplers that are available for download on various online sites, as well as the ones you can purchase (i.e. vinyl, CD, tape etc.) from your local dealership.

My suggestion and by no means my definitive choice, there are I'm sure better samples but purely from an academic perspective and to kick start this thread here's my choice, below.


Also available in other formats.



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Jul 31, 2023
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I was just "auditioning" a new-to-me CD/SACD/DVD-A player and brought out my "fireworks" sampler CD: 1718553209987.png

It's an oldie which I would have used since my first Sony CD player in 1985. Not sure of its availability in any form, though I do see a couple of low-cost issues currently on eebei. It does not come up through my Amazon subscription or otherwise at amazondotcom, but hopefully it is accessible though other services or outlets.1718553209987.png

It does work and get the "wow"s, "jeez"s, "damn"s, etc. responses with several of the tracks. I have always kept it handy and lend-able. It was a 1985 DDD and ADD release. (Sorry about the multiple images??)


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