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Benchmark DAC 3 Review

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Jun 18, 2014
Pedro2 said:
Andrewjvt said:
Vladimir said:
This DAC has high value for money for studios because it replaces rack equipment that would cost more money and yet the quality is retained. I've seen rack ADC/DAC components that don't do anything except ADC/DAC conversion in a chain that cost 3000eur s/h.

For audiophiles unless they run an active setup it is a huuuuge overkill. An $80 DAC will do this service just as good. However, with active setup some of the features really become usefull. When Andrew gets a pair of proper actives the Benchmark will really feel at home. I think it should be a keeper. 
its sounding fantastic with the jbls today

have not had it on for a few days and really sounded good
Have you replaced the ATCs with the JBL actives? Still not yet got round to hearing any actives from my 'listen to' list but hope to in the months ahead. Not sure where I can hear ATC scm20a as they don't tend to appear in the ATC consumer hi-fi retailers kit.
Regards the atc they still at top of my list. I can either live with 20s, 50s or 100s
The 50s may be best solution for what i like and size of room though. But the 20s are very good. Its only the 3 way 50s and 100s are more effortless in presentation.
If you want you can visit mine for a demo once im set up with atc. Maybe 50s maybe 20s depends how impatient i am.

The jbls are great but they only a temporary solution for now. But they punch well above weight.
Been listening all day


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Nov 29, 2010
for the kind offer of a listen. I would definitely be interested. At this rate, it will take me some time to get round to an upgrade! I'm quite determined to hear a sample of actives before jumping in (or not). Don't know why but I have a fondness for ATCs following my experience with the 11s. I could be persuaded to jump ship however. Keep us all updated on your purchases!

Sorry for the thread hijack. The Benchmark appears to do the business and I like its slightly utilitarian appearance.



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