BB - Costco online selling the Philips 55 854 for £1299!

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Thanks gel! I've been away for a bit, so didn't see it on time. Anyways, I'm still thinking.....have spent quite a bit on some home renovation only last month.
No probs mate, what about the Samsung 55Q90R Qled TV? According to WHF it’s better than my new 8K TV. It’s got Apple TV app already on it, the picture is fantastic, you get a 10 year screen burn warranty, the picture is equal or better than mine. Blacks are brilliant, just as black as an OLED during the day and at night with the lights on. If you do your viewing with the curtains shut during the day or the lights out in the evening then Oled would be the way to go if not why not go for Qled?



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