Backing up my PC question.


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May 21, 2009
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Basically my question is why it takes so long to back up my PC?

My PC has 2 x 500gb hard drives.

The C drive has about 200 gb used up, and contains my MP3 files (approx 90 gb) and pictures (probably 10 gb)

The E drive is solely my FLAC files( approx 315 gb).

I am running Microsoft Vista Home, and have a Western Digital 1TB My Book Essential external HDD.

I have been using Microsoft Windows to back up my files. I understand that when I ran my initial back up of every file it would take hours and hours, which it did. However, when I go back in to back up any new or amended files my understanding was that it would just back up these new files only. It seems to me that everything is being backed up again. I started mid morning with a new back up and its not even up to half way completed yet. My last back up was back in August (I know, I should back up more regularly!) but I reckon there's only about 30/40 additional albums to add plus approx 200 pictures. To back up those new files shouldn't take this long surely?

I know I've used the right option in Windows (ie. the option to just back up new files since last back up against a full back up).

Would I be better placed using the WD back up programme, or indeed any other back up software (Nero for example?).

The reason I don't back up more regularly is mainly because it takes so damn long. Is this something I will just have to live with?

Any thoughts would be most welcome.



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Jun 25, 2008
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Is your media player possibly amending the files to reflect you having played them? This would result in more changes and a longer backup.

Also consider using Microsoft SyncToy - this definitely only backups the changed files and creates a duplicate file structure on a second disk.


My opinion...

Don't use windows backup at all. Use a sync program and set it up yourself for the folders you want to preserve. Then have a scheduled run. I do it once or twice a month.

I use something called "File synchroniser" but there are other options.

Checkout for the best free software.

I do also have a NAS with a mirrored RAID (although this is not really a "backup" as such)

If possible, get a usb drive, and periodically copy to this too, and have a friend or family member keep hold of it...failing that, I also have a 3rd copy of everything on a usb drive in a fireproof lockable box under my bed.

And for the important stuff (photos), I have a smaller version sitting in the cloud.

ho hum :)


I know this answer!

Yes it is a Windows bug - you can disable the "Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service" I think this is what does those behind the scenes modifications to your MP3s -- the other answer I heard is to move all your music from /Public/Music to another account such as /YourUserName/Music. I have the service disabled on my Win 7 box and that fixed the same problem I was having, so I think it's the same for Vista.



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