Baby-friendly A/V stands?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I've put off upgrading to a new a/v system as we've got a 1 year old at home who leaves his fingerprints everywhere. Given half a chance he hugs the tv and black boxes on the shelf below. I'm really looking for a solution like a flat panel stand where the tv is mounted at the back and glass doors protect the boxes.

Anyone with young children found a way to keep the electronics away from little hands?


Gatwick Flyer,

I understand your problem well - I have a two year old daughter and my wife is a child minder - who looks after other people's children in my house. I searched the internet high and low and could not find any baby-friendly stands / cabinets, so what I did was improvise. I did two things. Click on the link to see my setup:!8651885413075374!540/?startingImageIndex=1&commentsExpand=0&addCommentExpand=0&addCommentFocus=0&pauseSlideshow=0

1. Mounted the TV on the wall - this ensures that little people can't get to it.

2. Bought a wooden coffee table thing with no glass doors, just an open space under the table top:

We previously had a cabinet with glass doors that tucked away the kit, but the trouble was that my little monster just kept opening and closing and banging the doors. The new system works perfectly as you can push the DVD player / V+ box back quite a way underneath the table - keeping it out of the reach of sticky paws. Also, all the wires are pushed behind the unit and kept completely out of reach. I can honestly say that I have had no problems at all with my AV kit and offspring since doing this. I have just put a brand new V+ box in, and I am so confident I will be adding a PS3 to the line up as well.

I know this is not exactly what you are looking for, but hopefully it might give you a few ideas as to how to best proceed. One thing is for sure - there is definitely a huge gap in the market for stylish baby-proof AV stands / cabinets at the moment!

Let me know if this has been of any help and just post any questions that you have.


Thanks Spike,

Think I'll have to mount the a/v gear higher up as my son has a habit of playing with interconnects and RF leads if left visible. The best option as you say is to wall mount the panel. Will also make using my projector screen all the more easier too.


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