B&W 805s and 804s


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Nov 24, 2007
Am looking at upgrading my speakers as the ones i have are 17 years old Kef C75... Option 1......NAD M3 with 804s or 805s...is there much bass difference between these two speakers (present amp is MF3.5 and NAD c542 CDP) Option 2.....B&W 683 floorstanders with NAD m3 (present amp is MF3.5 and NAD c542 CDP) The price difference is quite large and i wondered if the sound performance would be as large. I could keep the MF3.5 and just change the speakers and i note that Andy has 805 speakers himself so should be able to give a good appraisel of them Just one more question the C542 CDP has been around for quite a while now so has this now become the week link in the chain.......regards ....ian


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Nov 18, 2007
many questions !
If you listen to the speakers you will hear he difference in bass between the 805 s and the 804 s immediately.
The size of your room should also be an important factor to consider.
The 803 s is one of my favourite speakers.
They sounded very good indeed with Accuhase E 450 , Accuphase 213 and Naim Supernait.
MF is also a very good option.
I do not know about the Nad m3.


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Nov 29, 2007
biggus i have ish covered this in the other topic, But all i can sugest is get a demo with the 372/272 combo and the masters and the speakers you wish to consider and let your ears decide.

Oh and another thought, i have heard people mention that the B&W's can be a bit biased to the treble? as you know the nad sound is not.. and they seem to work well together. And TBH mine are still settleing in and the sound is improving every day.


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