B & W 300 series


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Aug 10, 2019
Hey guys,

Quick question; option to buy B&W DM309, DM303 and stands & LCR3 for 300gbp. Small scratch on centre speaker, which doesn't affect sound, otherwise A1 condition. Worth a punt or not? To be used in a 5.0 system to begin with, with an Onkyo 609 amp and sub to follow later. 90% film 10% music. Fairly large room 8m x 8m.

Read some good reviews and also some not so favourable. Unable to demo due to travel distance.

Anyone with any experience with these speakers in this setup or similar?

Thanks as always for any replies/advice.



I don´t have the experience with this set up all together, but I have all the speakers and I´m sure, if you match them to the right receiver, like Harman Kardon, you´ll have a very good Home Theater. I use the DM303 and LCR3 hooked on a HK AVR435 and they do a great job. Then I bought the DM309 which is connected to a vintage SANSUI 771 stereo receiver and the sound is amazing and probably you won´t need a sub cause its bass extension is very large. These speakers are hard to beat in the relation price x benefit. Of course there are better speakers but you´ll pay a lot more than these ones. They are a very good step into HIFI world.


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