AV Decoder Advice desperately needed


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Aug 10, 2019
Ok My kit is old, however i dont see the point of throwing away my THX amp and replacing it ( unless its the general consensus that it needs to go)

I dont particulary want to have to shell out another fortune to upgrade kit, but my Harmon Kardon ADP 303 decoder is dead and besides i now have HD audio to think of.
Ideally i suppose I am looking for a dsp or decoder unit that can accept multiple HDMI / TOSLINK and digitalcoaxial and can decode to nowadays sound formats, with I presume need to use 6 channel output direct to the harmon, i am unsure if we could use the LD Digital coaxial in (never played with this)

I really would appreciate reccomendations for this. If a new amp is required, please bear in mind do use the multiroom fnctions on the harmon. and what is the difference between THX then THX ultra and then THX select, yes the last time i would class myself up to date with AV was when i purchased this lot several years ago, so im trying to play catch up :)

Thanks all in anticipation of your help!!

Kit list Follows

Harmon Kardon AVI 250
AV Sources
Philips DVD 957 built in dts and DD5.1 decoder
Sony A500P 200 disc DVD carousel
Sony PS3
Toshiba Qosmio G45 for HD-DVD (Laptop)
Freesat HD
Tiscali+ TV
Tape deck
Sony TC-WR 870
Sony S-S370
Sony CDP-991
Boston Acoustics VR 970 Fronts
Boston Acoustics VR 950 Rears
Mordaunt Short T1000 Centre
Output sources
Hitachi L42VP01U
Epson EMP1000
Logitech Harmony 1000
Crestron ST1550


I have seen an Audiolab 8000AP for 900 GBP, does anyone have an opinion on this.

Also i dontsuppose anyone has a more exhaustive list of cheaper end processor suppliers, so far i have found rotel and audiolab. An idea of who's good at this price would be nice also if anyone can throw me a bone :)



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