av aerial cable in hdmi out - is it possible?


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi all, I have searched the internet for an answer to this but cant find one that seems to help me. I've also been to Maplin, but same answer.

Most of the forums that do look similar are about picture quality upscaling, but thats not what I'm trying to achieve.

So I have a Sky+ HD in my house. Downstairs this is fine as I run the signal from my Sky through my Yamaha RXV371 Receiver (plus a few other things including Apple TV) then via one HDMI cable to the tv. All good, simple to use, I set the TV to HDMI, put the TV remote in a draw never to be touched and the Yamaha handles all of the switching between sources.

I have also got an aerial loop system in my house (I didnt fit it, my Sky engineer told me about it, and then installed it for me) which basically sends my Sky signal to every aerial socket in the house. Which is great, the picture quality is perfectly fine for what I need arround the house.

So I get to the bedroom, where I'm running exactly the same Yamaha RXV371 Receiver set up as downstairs plus Apple TV. The Yamaha has HDMI inputs and one HDMI out (to the TV). The problem is I have an AV aerial providing the signal, so currently I'm running an av aerial cable to my TV, then a Coax cable out of the TV to my Yamaha, then an HDMI from my Apple TV to my Yamaha then out to my TV. This all works but its a fiddle to get the right source (i.e its not very wife friendly).

So, to the point! I want to have the more user friendly setup of having one HDMI cable running to the TV and all the sound / signals running to the Yamaha (which means I dont have to fiddle with the TV remote at all as above) so how do I do this? How can I get the AV Aerial to connect to my Yamaha directly in a simple (read not expensive!) way? There must be a way of having an av aerial cable in that also has an hdmi out. Anyone out there that has any ideas?




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Jul 31, 2008
You would need an RF Video/Audio demodulator (not to be confused with an RF modulator), but they're not cheap or easy to find (in the UK anyway).

I would stick with connecting the RF cable directly to the TV, and buy a Logitech harmony remote (or similar) and set up an activity to handle switching of your receiver/TV to the required inputs.


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Jul 17, 2012
sounds like you just need a sky box for the bedroom, then you can plug everything in to the amp like downstairs...


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Jul 13, 2008
Unless I have missed something you just need a set top box in the bedroom (assuming you can manually tune it to the analogue channel that the sky box is outputting, then HDMI from STB to Yamaha.



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Oct 16, 2008
cheyworth said:
Unless I have missed something you just need a set top box in the bedroom (assuming you can manually tune it to the analogue channel that the sky box is outputting

What kind of set-top box? A Sky box won't do that, neither will terrestrial digi-box afaik.


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