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Question Arcam sa30, update issues


Dec 20, 2020
Hello People,

New to the forum, reason for joining is 1) to get a better understanding of modern HiFi. 2) is to share the passion we all have for the love of HiFi too.

So let me get down to it, I have a Arcam SA30 which I bought second hand about 4 month ago, it's been flawless. But, after a automatic update I can not do anything with the unit at all.

Turn it on and it takes about 2 mins to complete the booting up screen, then goes to press menu for options. So I downloaded the new update to be installed via the USB, this then says net updating and nothing else, Nanda.

I then try and go for a factory reset, but again it's unresponsive and stays on the continue screen for hours, until I turn the amp off. I've uploaded pictures to aid.

I previously had a SA20 which again was fantastic. The SA30 seems to have a few issues but the price tag is not as you'd expect for such a high end arcam product.

Anyone help please.

Oh and the equipment I have set up with my arcam are,

PMC twenty 21
REL q150e
Technics 1210mk7
As a Samsung 4k TV.

Many thanks, Dan



Well-known member
Jan 25, 2021
Have you checked the firewall on your router for your interet connection?
I had a similar issue with an update and it turned out the Netgear router i was using was shutting down the TCPIP port my unit was trying to use so wouldnt let the update complete. Switched back to the BT Smarthub and the updatre went through fine.