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Nov 17, 2021
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Hi all, I have recently purchased some acoustic research ar6 speakers to compare them with my ar 4xa. Apparantly they use the same tweeter, although the ar6s which I have just purchased the original tweeter has been replaced with a ctc tweeter..and sounds much brighter than my ar4xas. The base is also better on my 4xas to my surprise as the ar6s are regarded as having much more base. Was wondering if I should take the tweeter from the 4xas and replace the one in the ar6s? Also think the pots need cleaning..would this effect the base response of the ar6s or having a different tweeter? New to all this..apparantly they have been re foamed and new rubber surrounds
Has anyone got any experience with these speakers?
I’m relying on my memory from about fifty years ago, as my first speakers were AR 4xa! But I did go on to sell the AR range for about fifteen years, so I’ve seen a few pairs.

Iirc, the AR6 and AR4xa were the same drivers in a slimmer cabinet - the 6 being like a larger 7, whereas the 4 was a more conventional shape.

Ones I’ve seen for sale in the last few years invariably have damaged tweeters. But I’m 99% certain the pot only connected to the tweeter. In some it was a 2 or 3 position switch. Normal and Flat ring a bell - normal being a bit rolled off to suit crummy records/cartridges. So, cleaning to pot won’t change the low frequencies, but obviously you notice them more if the tweeter is subdued.

Does this help? Somewhere I’ve got spec sheets of them if you need that.
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