Amplifier recommendation on my old speaker

Adrian CCM

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Apr 18, 2020
Hi all, I'm living in a place where very limited HIFI shops, so I basically can't go test, those shops are only selling bose, sony, yamaha these brands. I am using a pair of Monitor Audio 14 Gold MK II standing speakers. My current setup is connecting to a Yamaha rx-v385 to connect to my TV and tvbox. I am planning to buy a new amplifier that can connect to my existing speakers, and allowing me play loseless audio format from my laptop, external hdd and also from my smartphone Tidal. Can anyone recommend me any setup for me? My budget is hopefully below USD2,000

I am looking at few amplifiers now and not sure which one to buy, since there aren't any shop here I can go and test on my own, and my country now is having a movement control so I couldn't go out, I can only read from Internet and that's how I am brought to here. I am currently looking at a China made amp, Tonewinnner Ad-3D + a network streamer, tonewinner ty-i30, or a Cambridge Audio CXA-81. I am more keen on CXA-81 since it has a very good DAC, I can connect to my laptop by using an USB-B to USB-A cable, and CXA81 has bluetooth apt-x HD. It also has the xlr output, which is good if in future I am going to add on a cd player with xlr connecting to the amp is good. I think they fulfilled my need using laptop and smartphone.

But I would like to hear more are there anymore recommendation amplifier or setups within my budget I can try? I am now looking at cxa81, audioquest rocket 11 with banana plugs speaker cables, audioquest NRG-Y3 power cable and audioquest cinnamon USB AB cable. Any better setup can fit within my budget and give good sound?
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