Amp pop on power up RB-981 x 2


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Aug 10, 2019
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Can anyone help me with this?

I had one Rotel RB-981 powering some Tannoy P30's, but recently managed to get hold of some P40's and so bought a second RB-981 off ebay so that i could bridge the amps. but since doing so i 9 times out of ten get a very loud pop! when i turn the amps on!! But sometimes not at all?

Im open to suggestions? but also have just got a RB-993 off ebay (3 channels power amp) and with this i get no pop at all?

Could it be the speaker cable? its not anything expensive and the bannana are screwed in.

Or the power supply to the amps? they are running off a multi adaptor (6 way) along with other appliances.

Or maybe the earths in the house or the plug? ive noticed if you turn on and it pops and then turn off and on again in a short space of time, it wont pop the second time round?

Im really concerned its going to ruin my drive units on my speakers? any suggestion?




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Jan 18, 2008
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[quote user="grazy"]
Im really concerned its going to ruin my drive units on my speakers? any suggestion?


The noise (popping/clicking) is generated by voltage difference across the output stages of your amplifiers at switch-on or switch-off before it reaches its idle (equilibrium) stage.

Its the manner in which capacitors are charged/discharged that determines the degree of pop/click heard ie from loud as you experience to none at all. - The capacitors charge/discharge at different rates/different time constants. The difference in time constant causes a temporary potential difference between lines and the resulting equalization causes the speaker cones to vibrate and a popping noise to be heard.

Whilst annoying it should not damage your speakers.


Many thanks for the advice!!

i love my RB-981's they have so much control whilst bridged. My Tannoy P40s are 200 watts and rotel made out that they are too sensitive (92) and too lower power to run like this. If i could i would swap them both for a rb-991 or a RB1080 which are 200 watts, but probably unlikely to find someone willing to do the trade.

So even though the pop sounds harsh you dont think the drivers will suffer at all? not even long term?

thanks again