Amp for Heresy IV


Feb 16, 2021
Hallo to the community.
Im new to Hi Fi even though im a semi professional musician for many many years.

Many of you might disagree but since im a huge fan of Klipsch i decided to buy the Heresy IV.

My goal is to play streaming music from Tidal and listen to vinyl.
My biggest concern though is to pair my speakers with the right amp.

From Some audio shops i talked i got some suggestions and from my searches.
i would liek your opinion on those or if you have some other suggestions

1. Naim uniti NOVA. ( Suggestion due to the fact that it is a very good all in one solution including DAC and a streamer plus a very good amp. )
2. Primaluna Evo 300 + Bluesound Node 2i for streaming
3. Line magnetic audio LM210IA or LM211IA + Bluesound Node 2i + dac

Do you think any of those amplifiers are good for the Heresy IV?
Do you have any suggestions besides them

I would really appreciate your help since im new to the field.

Thenk you very much

Deleted member 116933

Hi there,

Forget naim its not a good match at all. I don't personally rate naims digital solutions either.

the Primaluna would be a good shout as would be the line magnetic though the primaluna the wife said it looked like a firplace/space heater LOL

I don't know where you are in the world but id add the following to the list

unions research smiple italy
sugden a21 sig/SE
first watt f8
luxman SQ-N150
schitt audio fraya+ and agire mono blocks

Dac wise I looked at the chord qutest as it has a class A output stage to match my sugden and heresy's really dose match very well and also has a voltage output so can be tailored to the amp a little more, I have to use it on 1v setting as it overloads on 2v

denefrep arise mini would be another one I. look at

streamer wise if you can stretch it use and intel nuc or mac mini


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