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Aug 10, 2019
Hi everyone,

I'm currently in the process of upgrading my current MacBook Pro + Creative ZiiSound D5 sound set-up. The ZiiSound D5 is a lovely system but seriously lacks bass and stereo separation.

My intention is to now move to a system with passive bookshelf speakers + small desktop amp (possibly with built-in USB DAC).

I have in mind for speakers:

Q Acoustics 2010 or Tangent Audio E5

As for the amplifier:

Class A/B amp: Audioengine N22 (2x20w) or (your suggestion here)

Class D amp: NuForce Icon Amp (2x30w) or NuForce Icon (2x12, w/ DAC) or (your suggestion here)

My requirements:

- Fill a room with 161ft^2 (15m^2) and able to scale up to 323ft^2 (30m^2).

- Provide good performance across the range and be a clear improvement over the ZiiSound D5, especially in terms of bass.

- For the moment, sit on a table but later might get some stands. Always sit as close to the wall as possible.

My dillema:

The Q Acoustics 2010 got 5 stars @ WhatHiFi, but is it able to give a bass performance similar to the Tangent Evo E5?

Have no clue about those amps. They're all nicely compact, but use different technologies: Class A/B vs. Class D vs. Class D+DAC. In addition, taking into account a 30m^2 room, what is the minimum power they should supply? Are there any other better compact alternatives?

Thanks for reading this and looking forward to your comments.



Those look like a very interesting all-in-one solution. They do however cost more than 200 pounds which is my limit.

I'm able to keep any of the combinations I previously described for less than 200 pounds by bringing one of those amps from the US.

I also am interested in later upgrading parts of the system. For example, the amp would later be replaced by something like a Peachtree integrated amplifier.

Thanks for the suggestion.



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