Advice on wether to buy the Marantz M-cr603 or PM6003 & CD6003 and which speakers to choose



Hi, apologies, posted the above message mistakenly without writing any details.

-I am looking to take a hi-fi system back to my home in Thailand. I am in the UK for a week and am unable to visit hifi shops to demo systems.

-My budget is about 700 pounds

-room size Big: 10m x 4m

-I am just interested in listening to cd's and ipod. I am interested in sound quality/power. However if M-cr603 & pm6003-cd 6003 would be the same I would choose the M-cr603 for convenience of transport.

-Speakers: Considering Dali Zensor1, Dali lektor2, Ma BX2 just based on reviews.

I am open to any other suggestions.

Any advice/recommendations would be much appreciated!



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May 4, 2011
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If it were me I would go for the MCR603 and MABX2 which was my original system a short while ago and was excellent value
Just a bit of related information. The 6003 pair are being replaced by the 6004 pair. You still get a seperate amp and CD player, but both are improved. They are reviewed in the November edition of the magazine (out today). So, you may find some stores running low on stock of the 6003s.

Whatever you decide, make sure they give you VAT-free invoicing for export. It is officially called the 'VAT Retail Export Scheme', but nobody is obliged to offer it, so ask first. With the 20% tax taken off, you might be able to afford the newer pair?

However, the single box for the CR603 may well make shipping easier and cheaper.