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Apr 10, 2008
If you'd be so good a bit of advice on the best way forward would be much appreciated. My system is very much entry level : NAD C515BEE CD Player. Cambridge Audio Azur 340A SE amplifier. Q Acoustics 1010i speakers. Silver Anniversary XT speaker cable. Chord Chrimson interconnects. It all sounds a bit, as if there's something missing. I'm now in a position where I could spend a bit more money on things like upgrading my hi-fi but there are 2 problems: 1 - It would have to be done in stages, I can't go and blow a fortune replacing the lot in one go. 2 - Due to the listening room being small and a wife who wouldn't tolerate large speakers I'm limited on what I can do speaker wise. So I guess my question is where's the best place to start - I would have thought speakers? Any suggestions people. I'd be looking to spend upto £1500 on a total new system. Music wise - most stuff but lively, energetic, fast paced - fave band ever is The Clash if that helps Ta in advance for any suggestions

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You've got a number of ways you can go - the amp is probably the most important factor in the digital chain, or at least it is IMO.

With small speakers you still have to allow for stands, so bear that in mind, unless you're planning to wall mount, or similar.

If you're pushed for space, active speakers (where the speaker and amplifiers are part of the same unit) suddenly make good sense and easily rival the traditional separates route. I've heard several this year and was astonished by how good some of them really were. Yamaha (HS50 and HS80), Genelec (8030A would be a good choice at your budget and they sound incredible IMO) and several others can be auditioned in a good pro-audio music store and the guys tend to be pretty easy going about folk popping in on spec.

If that were my money, you've got a few options to think over: traditional separates, active speakers and separate source, or an "all-in-one" such as the Naim UnitiQute and you need to add speakers thereafter.

Heaps of choices in all of that, but given your domestic requirements, I'd be inclined to suggest either the active or "all-in-one" route. Actives are my own preferences (albeit I currently have a traditional system) as the sound quality I've heard knocks many of the corresponding separates into a cocked hat. YMMV.


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Mar 26, 2008
I think the speakers are the obvious weak link, it may be worth looking at these, well inside your budget and shoud stand an amp upgrade if you feel it necessary.