Advice needed for a projector and 5.1 system


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Aug 10, 2019
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I've posted this already but have had no response, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I would like to convert a spare room into a cinema/media room and could do with a bit of advice from you knowledgeable types if you would be so kind.

My room measures 3.5m x 3.5m (12' x12'). I already have a PS3 and I would like to buy a new surround sound system and HD projector, my budget is limited to £2500.

Sound wise I've budgeted about £1000 and am seriously considering the Onkyo TX-SR605 and possibly the Mordaunt short Alumni 5.1 speakers (depending upon the reviews). Does anyone recommend another setup?

I would ideally like a full 1080p projector, but I don't think my budget will stretch to that. A friend of mine has just bought an Infocus IN76 for about £950 and it looks great but how does it compare to the Panasonic PT-AX100E and other projectors under £1500? I intend on projecting a screen size of around 80".

I buy the bible (WHS&V mag) every now and again but I'm a bit of a noob in the A/V world so any opinions on the best way to spend £2500 on a setup would be appreciated


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