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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi guy’s.[/i][/b]

I have Kef 3005se-w speakers in 5.1 config. I wish to upgrade to 7.1 by
adding either two additional front “high” or rear “high” speakers. With rear
speakers my problem would be that they would not actually be behind me, but
above (as my couch is up against a wall) my back speakers are at present in line
either side of my couch.

Question, where would you place the 2 additional speakers for best

Question, For the extra expense, would my viewing experience be
enhanced in 7.1 ?

Question, would you stick with Kef to match or are their better


Paul [/i][/b]

Tom Moreno

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Nov 30, 2008
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If your sofa is right up against the back wall I'd say you probably wont get much benefit from an extra pair of rears. (...and this coming from someone who always praises the advantages of extra rears!) You might see some benefit from using extra height or (if you've got the room some say this brings the biggest gains) width speakers, but all of this is heavily dependant on your room. If you've got a smaller room that your kit is kinda crammed in to then you probably won't see much gain from any of these setups and you might be best served by investing in bass traps or something like that to put in your corners to open up the sound a bit. Obviously if you've got space in your room and the chief decorator allows you'll make significant gains by being able to move the main seating area in to the sound field from the wall.


In my experience, front height speakers have a more noticable effect that surround back speakers, and as Tom says, you really need a lot of space behind you (I'd say 5tf) for surround back speakers.

That said, right now there is no original "height" material available. So you will always be relying on a processor (Prologic IIz or similar) to create an artificial height effect -- whereas more material now does have a real 7.1 channel mix so you won't need Prologic EX for the rears.

This might not be useful to you, but I want to say it anyway: you will gain the most in sound quality if you add two floorstanders to your setup (or standmounts). The eggs you were using as fronts can then be used as either height or back speakers. For sonic matching, the drivers in the eggs are the same as used in the Q classic range, so you'd be looking at iQ50 or similar.


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