5.1 Speaker Options: Traditional Vs Style


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Aug 10, 2019
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Having run the gauntlet of conflicting inputs (decor, budget and the abundance of option out there), I think I've narrowed my selection down to two WHFS&V award winners;
[*] Style: KEF 3005 SEs [*] Traditional: Tannoy Mercury F1 5.1
Can anyone advise which of these options, paired with the Onkyo 605, will be better for movies and music?

Many thanks, Joe.


Sorry for bumping this up the list but I'm struggling to make this decision and can't find any local outlet that can even let me listen to the Tannoys!

To save your scrolling the question is - which is better between 2 award winners for 5.1 - Tannoy Mercury F1 or Kef 3005 SE.

Both are winners in similar pricepoint ranges with the Tannoys being 20% cheaper so does the adage that the traditional speakers deliver better performance/£ than style speakers mean these two offerings are very similar - i just pay more for the style of style!?

Thanks for your help............


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