Speakers: Style Vs Traditional


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all, I've gotten myself into an endless circular decision loop and need some help getting out..... The main challenge is to go for style or traditional speakers - and then, which ones.....

Room Size: 25' x 12' rectange with the TV on one of the end 12' walls

Primary audio requirement is 'normal' volume [not floorshaking bass] with emphasis on clarity for music and movies and good surround sound.

Speakers considers [budget £1k] include
Tannoy Arena
KEFF 3005
Mission E80
Linn Komponent

[*] Assuming similar pricing, which of these sets of speakers will best suit my room & audio requirements? [*] Are there other offerings I should consider? i.e. including traditional sets? [*] Which AV receiver/amp will best drive with the recommended speakers? [budget £500]
Would like a product with some degree of future proofing.
Apologies in advance for similar questions to many existing threads but I've browsed many of these in recent days and the last 3 mags and I guess i just need a push to get me over the line!!


Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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My £0.02-worth? Onkyo TX-SR605 (for the futureproofing) plus B&W DM300 system, or push the budget with the Tannoy Sensys 5.1 package (below). That's quite a large room you're trying to fill, after all...