5.1 or 6.1 speaker advice for another noobie!


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Aug 10, 2019
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Im just starting to upgrade my kit from a rubbish impulse buy, an all in one LG, lesson learnt!

Ive managed to get hold of a marantz 4300 pretty cheap, oldish i know but needs must, now comes the problem!

I want a decent(ish) set of speakers and sub (or i have an old sony sub i could use till my funds grow) to go with, but my budget is somewhat on the weak side, say £270 absolute max (the girlfriend will kill me, no, honestly!). After looking on here there seems to be a few mainstays:

KEF KHT1005 (£250)

Mordaunt-Short Premiere (?)

Tannoy FX5.1 (and EFX 5.1) from photos they look a little... cheap and tacky (no decent places anywhere near i can go actually see first hand)

Sony SSP88 (at richer sounds for £140 for the full 6.1 set but cant find any reviews...)

I also like the look of the Elac cinema xl's but cant find stock anywhere...

Are there any other options out there Ive missed that you know about?

Also, as I cant actually go anywhere and hear these speakers, for those of you that may have, what are you thoughts on them?

Thanks very much for your time in advance.


Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Of all those, the MS Premiere system will give you the very best sound for your money, IMHO, with the Tannoy EFXs also well worth consideration. Where are you that you can't hear any of these speakers - I'd definietly suggest you take a listen before you buy, even if it means making a trip.


thanks for the reply... i'm in doncaster and unfortunately dont have transport at the moment. There are no av specialist shops round here, the nearest is leeds or maybe sheffield.

Anyone know where I can get a good deal on the MS premiere system, cheapest i can find is £280 on the net.

thanks again


Hi there,

I was originally looking for a MsPremiere System myself until I went down the full size speaker route and got myself a more gutsy Mordaunt Short 6.1 Avant package. But if you are still looking for a MsPremiere package then the place i was going to purchase one originally was www.Hiwayhifi.com I suggest you have a peek as it is about £200 and is a a good £30 or more cheaper than most places although you will prob have to pay delivery but should still come up trumps for price.

Good Luck hope this helps!



they look good thanks, ive kind of narrowed it down to one of these, any extra advice would be appreciated!!!

Harman/Kardon HKTS8 (£250)

Mordaunt-Short Ms Premiere (£200)

Jamo A 102 HCS5 (£225)

Canton Movie CD102 (£290)

thanks very much


I'm really pleased with my MS speakers.

In my bedroom I have one pair Avant 902i, a 309w sub & a pair of Avant 903 surrounds in combination with the 304 centre model from the Avant Premiere set. The centre goes rather good in combination with the larger models. I'm not using it at the time, but I'm pleased with the quality of the Avant Premiere set. But it's really only for home cinema and not music.


by the looks the MS system isnt the newer model though, it includes:

Premiere 302 sats

Premiere 304C centre

Premiere 308W sub...

still the best option?

they do have the tannoy efx5.1 at £180
inc delivery

(the MS premiere is £220 inc delivery)

havent actually seen the tannoys close up but they look a little cheap
( i know, relatively speaking they are budget) but are they, or do
they look good? is the black gloss black?

cheers for all this!


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Sep 6, 2007
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I haven't seen the MS Premiere system but I have the Jamo 5.1 you mentioned. I think it sounds excellent (especially for films - I haven't got a cd player linked to it only dvd) and it looks great and although discrete, it has some welly too.


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