3 subwoofer questions


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Mar 26, 2021
I own a modern B&W asw608 sub for the living which probably to mutual agreement qualifies as a great and compact modern hifi sub for the average living. The amount of fine tuning options are present and it has a tight controlled output. It does its job among my Evo 4.2's standmounts but functions kind of as a lazy sub since the Evo's do most of the common bass work themselves and the B&W's only operate below the threshold.

Besides that I have moved my old Magnat sub to the bedroom a while ago, hooking them up along some Diamond 12 bookshelves. It just has 1 knob to control the gain output and I mainly got it for turning on while playing movies. i bought it somewhere back in 1999.

I didn't do much with room accoustics and i am not planning to do that in the bedroom. Given the conditions I assumed the bass was ok but improvable and mainly blamed the room.

Now I noticed after a test today placing the B&W in the bedroom matching them with the bass extension of the Diamond speakers, that the total output sounds a whole lot better and even to a point that I thought about the fact that it was the sub all along and not the room. At least not at the volume levels I am using. I also thought about replacing the Magnat with another compact B&W sub, but that might be a long shot. It would definitely create a great system in my humble opinion.

Then I began to wonder if I perhaps could als do something to the old Magnat to make it a bit better. I know I can't make it match the tight bass of the B&W, but maybe there are some other options (?)

I thought about the fact that reversing polarity (used for subs that are against a backwall) might do the trick here to smoothen things out changing it into a more mellow signature.

Problem is.. I am using rca..

My questions

1) What small active sub with a tight bass and necessary tuning options is recommendable besides the option for the B&W sub. ?

2) More of a technical one. Since a sub is mono; is it possible to reverse polarity simply by crossing the rca connectors?

3)Are there any ways of improving a simple old skool sub like the Magnat described?
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