Question 2x JBL Flip 5 OR 1x Audio Pro Addon C5/C10 ?


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Jul 31, 2013
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(is this even standing in the right category.. if not, where should I have posted it?)

Based on the perfect whatHifi score, I bought my wife a JBL Flip 5 for her birthday. Considering its size, it has impressive performance. We mostly play the music at lower volumes and we enjoy the fact that the music seems to come from nowhere since the device is so small.

So much so, that -considering the way we mostly listen to music these days- my wife (at last) convinced me to get rid of my 20 year old hifi set. It took too much space and (according to her) was visually unattractive. :) I must admit that I do not regret it. For most uses, the JBL Flip 5 does what it has to do and we can take it to other rooms or outdoors easily if necessary.

BUT: since my old hifi-system is sold. I would like to have a little more room filling experience than what we have now, especially at higher volumes. We' ve got a 30 square meter living room (320 sq ft) with relatively high ceilings so although the sound of the JBL is impressive for it's size, it isn't convincing enough when played loud in such a large room.

Dilemma: What would give me the biggest benefit sound-wise?

1. Buying an extra JBL Flip 5 and pairing it in Party Boost or stereo mode? (2x 20 watt)

2. Buying the award winning Audio Pro Addon C5 (40 watt stereo) or C10 (80 watt stereo)

The advantage of a second flip 5 would be that I would only have to spend another 90 euros to have a major improvement (if that were the case) and that both speakers are so small that they would almost be invisible in our interior.

When comparing the C5 and the c10, the price difference is not very large at the moment.. the only thing I see is that the C10 has a substantial size to put on a side table or cupboard whereas the C5 is still "cute".

Since there is a lockdown in the Netherlands that does not seem to change anywhere soon, I can not go to a store to listen to these devices, so I have to base my choice upon the reviews and user experiences.

Oh yes... since we are not big music listeners, we are not interested in the "multiroom aspect" of these devices.

Thanks in advance for all the input!
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