2022 upgrades.


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Sep 13, 2020
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Well this has been a super busy year for me work wise, it has allowed me to make some purchases and install some tweaks. After an 8 month wait, i received my Sugden MPA-4 Mono blocks. I have since added a 20 amp dedicated circuit for both of my audio systems, and installed a Cardas 4181 receptacle. That in itself is something all audiophiles should install.

I then wanted to upgrade all my power cables etc in the basement system, so i have been doing that with all Wireworld silver Electra7 . I also upgraded a couple of interconnects as well as my phono cables for the main floor system with silver and gold Eclipes 8 cables.

All of the tweaks with cables and plugs, made a nice noticeable difference. Idon't care about the nay sayers and the snake oil crap. I can physically sit and listen, make a change listen again and hear the difference. One Norah Jones Cd was very shrilly on several tracks, that is now all gone, yet the articulation is there . The Cardas plug and 20 amp circuit. made the bass and mid range more pronounced. as well there is more separation on stage with the instruments, i can hear 3-4 on one side at the same time. I have reached my end game on both systems nopw, all that is left, is to listen to the music.


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That's certainly an interesting system and I love the Sugden sound. If you have the money I don't blame you for taking the time to feel you are getting the very best out of your system. I'm not a big believer in cables myself, beyond having ones which are decently constructed, but then I don't have the money to go down that particular rabbit warren either.

My own journey this year has been much like most of the past decade or so. I've tried a ridiculous amount of kit, and until the last few weeks I've had too much in my possession. I've had a flurry of experimentation recently, including giving floorstanders another try.

My dalliance with floorstanders began with a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 200. Unfortunately they arrived with a damaged driver and a small bit of damage to one cabinet. I used the opportunity to try them and liked much of what they did, but found them in need of additional clarity (unusual for MA) and life. Then came Acoustic Energy AE109.2 in replacement. I preferred these - more open and detailed with very clear sound staging, if lacking in involvement. Sadly they had also arrived damaged (the corner of one of the cabinets), largely I feel due to AE's totally inadequate packaging for speakers of that weight. That left me with a quandary, another pair of AEs or something different?

I decided to try something totally different to anything I've had before and went for the little JBL Classic 52L. That also lead to thoughts about building a complete neo-vintage system. I had the Leak CDT and Stereo 130 for quite a while last year and almost instantly regretted selling them on, even as I was repacking them, so it wasn't hard to decide on buying the same models again. I already had the Project t/t, and it fits in perfectly. Add the Grado SR225x, and that's one very vintage looking set-up. Most importantly, it sounds superb - everything I liked about the Leaks last time, but with the JBLs really bringing the very best out in them.

The time has come to stick with a system. The constant run of buying, trying and selling is not only draining financially (beyond my means), but also in terms of listing, selling and sending kit and listening for the differences more than the music. I already have special affection for this system - whatever I play I simply enjoy the music, and that is ultimately by far the most important thing. Whatever I play (and my musical interests are vast) I find myself completely wrapped up in.

Everything (bar the turntable which I've had for quite some time) has a 5-year warranty, and so I'm sticking for at least that time, if not longer.
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