15 days to go


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Aug 10, 2019
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15 days to go and ill finaly have my power amp ( either 8000p or nad c272 )...but now a question rises as both the cambridge audio 640 v2 amp and 540 v2 cd will go to be replaced by audiolab 8000q and 8000cd respectively so wats the question ull be asking .. ok should i keep my current cambridge audio reference interconnects and get one more to connect the power amp to the pre amp? should i change and get two new ones? if so wich ones ?or should i just buy one new of a diferent make and keep the ca reference ?.. before u say anything just know that im happy with the ca reference but the question came up becouse im not sure if my current interconnects are a mach quality wise to the units mentioned above ill apreciate any help thanks ... just dont start a long stream of conflicts on wether interconnects work or not please as it has been done beforer


Andrew your opinion on this and please take in consideration i most likely will buy on line as the price includes delivery and i dont have time to go n pick up so no auditioning as thats been done before


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