£600-£800 Blu Ray player help??????

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I'd vote PS3.


Some of the best DVD upscaling (due to the processor being more powerful than any other player).

Blu ray picture as good as anything I have seen.

Media player

Access BBC iPlayer, Lovefilm etc etc

Plays ALL blu ray disks AFIAK

Gets updated often, and has built in wifi. So no faffing with cat 5 runs.


Can be noisy in summer.

Not great if you intend to use analogue out.

Bluetooth remote, so standard all-in-one remotes won't work (I use a Harmony One and an add on gizmo which works perfectly)

I had a Panny BD50 and ditched it for a 2nd PS3. The PS3 is quicker and no less quality imo.


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Feb 8, 2009
scoobysteve said:
Hi 1st post went wrong somewhere sorry.

I have £600-£800 to spend on a Blu ray player.

Been looking at Cambridge audio 650 and 751, Marantz 7006, Oppo 93.

My system is Panasonic 50" GT30 with a Yamaha YP2200 sound bar.

Would I notice any difference between the 650 and 751 also same for the 95 and 93 Oppo?

regards Steve.

Personally i would say your budget is overkill. The higher end modes 751/ 95 are only beneficial if you are using analog rather than HDMI otherwise you are just wasting money. So the CA 651 , Marantz 5005 and oppo 93 would be fine of the 3 i would say Oppo (MPO) however if it was my money i was spending with your set up i would have the Yamaha BDS 671 at the top of the list currently about £249. I really don't think you need to invest anymore as i don't feel the other models offer anything significanlty great enough to warrant the extra outlay with your current set up. The Yamaha BDP would have the best synergy with your sound bar IMO.


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