£250 CD players to go with Onkyo amps.


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Aug 10, 2019
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I went to Super-fi the other day here in Lincoln and enquired about a new CD player in the £250 range the guy was warming up after asking about new tubes for my rack, which they couldn't get and if it would take the weight of the Onkyo 875. The guy suggested the marantz A6001( I think) £280 then a rotel near the £400 mark, I thought he's getting pushy and left the store. I then went onto sevenoaks and said which CD player suggested, the guy asked me what music do I listen to. Classical, mostly rock and some indie. He replied the marantz is going to be too bright with you using an a/v receiver with it suggesting an Arcam ( can't remember which one). They can get me the rack tubes...... I'm not really sure on CD players and want to get a good match with Onkyo, 605, 805 or 875 as these seem to have very good all round functionality and all source inputs unlike my yamaha. I will go higher than £250, but not looking to buy until April/May 2008. Any advice on this price range of CD player welcome and it looks like quite a few forum users are already thinking the same about the Onkyo's. Thanks for reading.


I'm afraid I don't have an answer to your question - but I'm definitely interested if anybody can share some advice.

I'm looking to pair a cd player (probably the Marantz CD6002) with the Onkyo 705 av receiver, and would love to know peoples thoughts on how this might sound as I don't think I will be able to audition this setup.


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