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    Question Is it worth the upgrade/What?

    I've tried my best to keep this to the point despite having a few queries, any help will be much appreciated, thanks in advance.(y) For stereo listening my current setup doesn't quite give me the enjoyment I would like. I quite honestly don't understand why Audiolab were so highly rated, either...
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    Question Best CD player and amplifier for Monitor Audio Pl500 II

    Hi guys, need some help. Here I have a Roksan Caspian M2 series player and 2 amplifiers and appr 10 y.o Monitor Audio Platinum floor speakers. And I am really satisfied with the rich and emotional sound they are delivering. Now there is an opportunity to buy Platinum 500 II series MA speakers...
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    Roksan Blak CD player

    I'm thinking about upgrading my Roksan Caspian m2 cd player to the Blak and wondered if anyone has experience with both for a comparison? I'm using Caspian m2 integrated and power amps to bi-amp Proac Response D20R speakers and use good quality JPS interconnects and speaker cable. If anyone...
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    Upgrading Bluesound node 2i

    Current set-up is a Node 2i into a Roksan Kandy MkIII into Dali Oberon 5s. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love listening to Apple Music streams on this gear, but I’d love to get even more out of it. I’m thinking of beginning my upgrade journey with a Naim XD5 streamer as a first step; followed...
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    Hi Guys, i have the possility to buy theese speakers for few amount of money. Do you think the match with my roksan K3 would be good? thank you in advance
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    Question Naim Uniti Atom - for Monitor Audio Gold 200?

    I am new in Hifi, so i can say that i am beginner :) Therefore, i need support. I plan to buy Monitor Audio Gold 200 (4g) or 300 and i listened them with Roksan Blak, It was really amazing, but Roksan Blak is unfortunately too expensive for my budget, because i also have to add a network player...