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integrated amp

Forum discussion tagged with integrated amp.
  1. Kong911

    Parasound Halo Integrated Amp with B&W 606 Anniversary speakers, a good match?

    Greetings, I'm researching for a good bookshelf speakers that are a good match with recently purchased Halo Integrated Amp. Right now I have Audioengine A5+ powered speakers, plugged into my motherboard's integrated soundcard, along with SVS SB-100 sub attached to the speakers as my desktop...
  2. BentInvest

    Can't decide between the Rotel A12 and Cambridge Audio CXA60.

    Hey guys, been lurking here a while so I thought I'd finally make my presence known. I'm looking to buy either the A12 or the CXA60 but having a hard time deciding. I realise the A12 is a bit of a jack of all trades with its added USB input and Phono Stage features over the CXA60 but I'd like...