Your views Tangent Evo 7.1 speaker set up


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Apr 26, 2011
Hi Guys

I curently have a pair of Tangent Evo E34 floorstanders as my fronts. They were a bargin as they were ex display i like the way they sound in my system and so don't want to get rid of them yet. I have decided to replace my other 5 speakers with speakers from the tangent evo range.

In the next couple of hours i will purchase the evo e5c as my centre speaker, the dimensions of this speaker fit my needs, it will be able to be sited in the same place as my current centre speaker. Your views on integration with the fronts are welcome here!!

For Surrounds I am going to go for the evo e5l as the these are designed to be mounted directly onto a wall with the reflex port at the front. They will be mounted in place of my current speaker directly onto the side walls in my room.

For the surround backs i am going to go for the evo 5. I chose these speaker as they got a better review than the evo 4 it sounds like the 5's are easier to drive and will sound better at a higher volume. What i don't know is if this is even an issue on surround speakers.

I wouldn't mind your opinions on which you think would be better for my application the evo 5 and evo e5l or if you think i would be better off trying to get hold of the evo 4 and evo e4l.

This upgrade is more to do with matching the rest of my system to the fronts. I have the old technics sb c 500, sb s 500 and sb lv 500 surround speakers so i am confident i hear improvements. I plan to upgrade my receiver first before making a major outlay on a new speaker system so this is a stop gap upgrade. But will also give me a nice 5.1 system for a second room when i do finaly upgrade properly.

Thanks for you views on this.



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