Xbox One S Blu Ray player error


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Nov 15, 2020
Hello, recently I purchased 2001 A space odyssey in 4K UHD Blu Ray. When I tried to play the movie in the console, the error 0x91d70001 appeared a few seconds after the bluray app stopped loading. I tried everything, from a hard reset, a full factory restart, disconnecting the HDMI and reinstalling the app. I called customer service but they told me everything I already knew. Has someone tried anything else to fix it? The console's warranty expired, and don't have a lot of 4K BluRays but I wanted to have a collection. I noted that the Xbox One S played BD-XL but not BDMV. Should I invest in a cheap 4K player like a Panasonic or Sony? I need some help here, thak you.


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