would it be crazy


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Aug 10, 2019
hi all, long time reader, first time poster

i've not had the cash to splash out on a new telly to replace my absolutely mahoosive 32" toshiba crt, until now. i had been planning on buying the panny 37lzd70 but i keep reading about people with enormass tellies & how plasmas do such lovely blacks and i wonder if a 42" tx-42px80 would be ok for someone (like me, for example) who only sits about 2m away. i pretty much only view v+ (no gaming or blu-ray malarkey) so standard def quality is vital. would a flipping great 42" plasma be a bit ott, perhaps a 37px80 would suffice, or dare i say it amongst so many plasma fans, a 37lzd80

cheers, denby

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
I think a 37 would be more than enough for your needs. My instinct would be to go for the plasma, based on the quality of last year's models - haven't seen the new 37in plasma - but I think this is the point where you have to find a retailer with both and park yourself at your usual viewing distance and have a look


thanks for that andrew, this site really is invaluable for amateurs such as myself (that reads a tad sarastic, but honest guv, it is thoroughly sincere). the whole lcd v plasma dilemma is debated furiously on the hours every hour it seems, with plasma almost always winning through. as i say, i'll be pretty much using standard def only unless my v+ box suddenly includes a whole host of high def channels (not much of a gamer, when do people find the time?!). i guess the panny 37px80 is the sensible choice, and appears to be very competitively priced (£670 on empiredirect as i type)