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Wireless music server

Feb 15, 2016
Hey all,

I´m not sure if this is the right place to post this but I´m new here.

I want to make a kind of music server in a place without internet connection.

It´s a place we sit with some friends from time to time but the music is always an issue. Normally we just use a analog cable to an amp and some speakers but the cable is on an awful place an breaks too easy so I wanted to have something like a wireless network where one can connect with through their phone or laptop and just play their music to the amp.

I thought about chromecast audio but the problem is that we don't have any kind of Wi-Fi connection so it doesn't have a ability to connect somewhere to. What I need is something like Apple Airport Express, but will that work without any Wi-Fi around? And if so, are there any other (cheaper) options?

I'd love to hear from you all! :)
Feb 7, 2016
What about sound quality, is it better than the chromecast? And if we compare it with qed uplay streamer... I am trying to have an idea of the quality of sound, but nobody help me, especially the volume usually this devices smartphone in particular, the sound is very low and we have to push a lot from the amplifier.



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