Why does my SC-LX85 think my speakers are reverse phase ?


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Feb 20, 2008
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I have had this amp a few months now, but my tannoy DC4LCR centre speaker has been away being fixed (new tweeter) so last night was the first time I hooked it up to the amp.

I ran the Full MCCAC test now including the centre speaker, and the imediate results were that both the centre speaker and Frint Right speakers were revere phase. I didnt think much of this beside the fact that on previous tests there was no issue with front right. I checked the cables and everything is all wired up correctly.

I am just wondering what the mic might be picking up to assume the speakers are wired reverse phase ? and if this might casue an isseue


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This quite often happens with MCACC and its like. If the strongest signal from a given speaker is the one reflected of an adjacent wall (say), then it can think the phase is reversed. Other things in the room can cause this effect. Is the centre speaker in or on a deep cabinet? Is the right hand speaker near a wall, bookcase, etc.

Might be worth moving the (right) speaker a little, or toeing both the front pair in towards the centre. If there is a strong reflection causing MCACC to think there is a phase-reversal, you might be diminishing the quality of your surround image and this could be improved by a simple change of speaker angle or placement.


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Feb 22, 2011
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Similar problems with the LX83, I was told to ignore it. Even in the showroom where I had the demo they had reverse phase coming up.

So do move them about as advised above.


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