Why are MyMagazine and Magazines Direct so staggeringly incompetent?

Island Boy

Jan 24, 2023
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Your subs department messed up my sub last year. No renewal notice was sent. "Customer service" worse than useless. It was only after getting a helpful response from the editor that I decided to resubscribe. I did so 27 Nov 2022 Subscriber account number 37093135 for 2 years. Paid £97.99 by card. I have your Thank you email. I go online yesterday to change my address and get told I have no Active subscription. Plus the link to change password just generates am email with a clickable link that takes me back to the same page for requesting a change password. I've had 2 callbacks from "customer service" who clearly don't understand the system. Your mymagazines / magazines direct / "customer service" have, if possible, got even worse than last year.

I want to change my password. I want to change my address. I want to see I have an active subscription. If you can't fix that, I will raise a charge-back and NEVER subscribe to you again.