Which streaming kit with which speakers?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I want to move over to music streaming. Been using an old Audiolab 8000a with a cheap Onkyo ipod dock and KEF65.2s. Lacks detail compared to an old Arcam 170.3 and Black Box 5 I've just sold. Just didn’t sound as 'open' really and there wasn't as much there.

So fancy a streaming system as is also gives me the possibility of internet / dab and I can keep the iPod in the car and use a NAS drive for the music in the house.

My 3 options are:

Solo Neo - now available for £1k

Unitiqute - £1.5k

Cyrus Streamline £1.5k ish?

I had a Linn Classik (ket breaking) and at the time of buying thought that when paired with the KEF 65.2s was better than the Acram/Audiolab with Linn Keilidhs. The arcam/audiolab/keilidh combo always seemed to lack a bit of bass and could sound a bit harsh with complex music - classical and vocals sounded great

So I basically now have three sets of speakers I could use:

Linn Keilidhs - no ku stone stands

Kef 65.2s

Mezzo 6s (just bought ex-demo pair)

What would be the best partnership of these with any of the players listed above? Mostly listen to rock music and the heavier end of that to be honest.

Have read the Naim can be bright so would be bad with the Mezzos I guess. But what about other combos?

Solo / Mezzo?

Naim / Kef or Linn?

Solo Linn?

I can use any of the speakers really but obviously would like o use the new (to me Mezzos). However I can always swap speakers around if I don't like the sound. They have to be close to a wall (almost backed up to the wall) and one sits in a corner. I know its not the ideal thing but this is a system for the living room and not really a 'listening room' as such.

Looking for good clarity and openness, deep but controlled bass and a crisp but not hash top end.

Any advice / experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Out of that lot my money would be on the Arcam Solo Neo and the Mezzo 6 speakers

However if you were to sell the Mezzo's and buy some QUAD 22L2's or Monitor Audio RX6's I feel you'd get a much better pairing all round

The Mezzo's are good but when I demo'd them with the Arcam Solo Mini, Solo Neo and my Marantz CR603 I felt that they lacked detail in the midrange and bass wasnt as good as the QUAD's or M/A's