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Aug 10, 2019
I just broke up with my partner and he took the stereo (leema/vienna audio). So I am going to buy a marantz mcr603 and want a little help in choosing some speakers. I want tower speakers because I don't like the look of the little speakers on metal stands. My room is 27ft x 14ft, I like classical, Jazz, Big Band and 60's 70's music and also a bit of newer stuff.

I have been to my local dealer and listened to: -

New Tannoy V4 (£300) seemed to have something missing.

New Monitor Audio BX5 (£450) these sounded really nice to.

Second hand Rega RS5 (£450) also very nice and the best looking.

So I think it's got to be the MA's or Rega. Just a bit worried about buying s/h, the rega's do have a 90 day warranty and when new were the dearest of all. Could anybody recommend which to buy? Would I be taking a chance buying second hand? Thanks, Heidi.


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Aug 21, 2009
Hi Heidi

I can only answer this from my perspective. From your list, and given your taste in music, my choice would be the Regas.

If nothing shows up wrong with the speakers in 90 days, then it is unlikely to. Get the warranty in writing and give the speakers a good "once over" for superficial damage, before buying. If you find anything you might bargin the price down a bit more.The dealer may even let you bring them home and try them before parting with any cash.

Hope all works out for you



OK, I went with the Rega RS5's, picked them up with the marantz this morning along with some atlas hyper 2 that the dealer recommended. I spent the afternoon with Shostakovich, Benny Goodman, The Platters and Steely Dan, and I am really happy with how it's sounds, had classic fm on and that sounds great too. (at least he didn't take the aerial..... LOL). And no it was not because of the cable incident (he never found out as far as I am aware) anyway thanks guys. PS got to get a TV next, so I may be back for some help. Bye.


so many many good deals on good flat TV's right now-you will be spoilt for choice. I'd recommend richer sounds, there 5 yr warrenty is v.good value.

size is the only thing you really need to ponder over. a 42in can really overpower any room thats not big-and even then it does.

i know of no way not to be sexist on the next bit, but, if you were a bloke I'd say size really matters-especially if you love sport like wot me and me missus do and like the ps3/xbox, otherwise a good 37in will be more than fine.

happy listening



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