Which NAD amp for about £200?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I am about to upgrade my Denon PMA355UK to either a NAD C315BEE, C325BEE or C352 amplifier with prices of £150, £200 and £270 respectively at Super-Fi.

Power and number of inputs are not a concern as all three are more than adequate. I listen to Rock, Pop and Electronic music with a little Jazz and Classical thrown in.

My question is which is the best amp for the job? Is the C352 worth the extra £70 over the C325BEE given how much older its technology is and is the C325BEE worth the extra £50 over the C315BEE?

I can stretch to the C352 if it's THAT much better but the favourite at the moment is the C325BEE.

My CD player is the NAD C515, DVD player is the Denon 1930 and speakers are Monitor Audio Bronze BR2.

Also, would an owner of a C352 mind measuring the height of it please? There seem to be two different heights quoted in literature and on specifications. The larger one is too big for my hif-fi shelving!

Cheers all for your time.


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Sep 6, 2007
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Either the C320BEE, C315BEE or the C325BEE amps will be very good but i feel that the power offered by the NAD C352 will make a big improvement.

The NAD C352 offeres a very open sounstage with good bass weight and smooth midrange/treble.


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