Which DVD player to buy and how to connect it all?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi there,

I am very new to all this and so have some very basic questions:

I have on order a Samsung PS50Q97HDX, a Denon AVR-1507 and Q Acoustic 1010 5.1 speaker set. I was also going to order the Samsung DVD860 but could not find one anywhere. After a bit of searching I found a site offering the 870 in a multi-region version. So I ordered that too. But then they e-mailed me to tell me they can't un-lock it. I also already have a fairly old sky plus box with scart and optical audio out. (Which will be replaced at some point with the HD version.)

Question: Will they be able to un-lock the 870 in the long run? If not....

Question: Which DVD player should I buy? A Toshiba SD370E or is it worth the extra to go for a Denon 1930? (This system will also be our only hi-fi, although as you will appreciate from the set-up the home cinema thing is by far the more important to us.)

Question: What offers better quality. Optical audio or digital coaxial?

Question: How would you recommend I connect up the system? In terms of box to box etc.

Finally: Are there any easy ways to set up the receiver once its all connected? In terms of getting the surround sound right? (I know where to put the speakers but thats it!)

Many thank in advance for your help.


Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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1. Seems to be a firmware upgrade has made multiregion trickier, Who knows...

2. Yes the Toshiba will be fine, but the Denon will give better music playback.

3. Coaxial, but for sky you're stuck with optical

4. Toshiba - Screen HDMI, with digital audio to receiver

Sky - Screen Scart with optical digital to receiver

Sky HD - Screen HDMI, with optical digital to receiver

5. Use the auto set-up on the Denon 1507 - it's pretty accurate


Wow that was quick!

Great, thanks. Just one final question as I can still change it.

Would the ONKYO TX-SR505 be a better bet than the Denon AVR1507 so I could then route the video through it and have the HDMI switching function or is this a convenience only factor?




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