Question What to buy that would match or outperform my D10 but allow more inputs?


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Nov 21, 2013
I am currently using my computer as a source with Amazon music in high res as well as my CDs ripped as FLAC and (I know) 320kbps mp3.

After a change of house and a change of PC I was using a Behringer external USB DAC and things didn't sound as good as I remembered through my modest setup which comprises Yamaha A9500 and some Klipsch speakers.

Intrigued by customer reviews of the Topping D10 I bought one to try out. It was night and day compared to the Behringer.

I am extremely happy with my hi-fi now, enjoying the music once again.

I feel I may have missed a trick. I have a Pure DAB tuner, a BT YouView type box and a Samsung TV - I'd like to get the best quality from the first two, the TV doesn't really matter as most of the time I use the box to watch stuff.

I'd like the D10 to decode the output from the other sources.

First, I wonder if I can patch it using the computer, somehow persuading software to copy an incoming digital stream to the D10's USB, it sounds difficult but I don't think it would be impossible, maybe need another device to plug into PC.

Secondly, if not, is there something sub-200 that would be as good or better soundwise as the Topping D10 but would take more inputs, optical if possible?


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Nov 21, 2013
Hi, thank you so much for this.

I read what you had said, looked at the charts and was convinced to give it a go. I then went looking, (I am in UK) for one to buy and could not find a D50s in stock anywhere.

I found I could get one quite easily on ebay from China but waiting up to a month for delivery with uncertain import costs.

In the end I paid a bit more and ordered it on 1st April from this Amazon listing , using Prime. The listing had shown the same shipping date for weeks. It looked like they were waiting for a big Chinese drop. Mine arrived 5th April.

My order seems fine, I paid 229.99 , it's seemingly sold by Amazon and fulfilled by "Shenzhen Audio". I have until 31st May to return but I am extremely happy with it. The listing now shows a different provider name.

I was a bit wary about buying Topping on Amazon as the D10 pops up under different names even when putting 'Topping'.

Here's an example - depending when you look the brand can seem to switch from 'Topping' to 'Aimpire'

The comments and question answers on those kind of listings can't seem to agree whether it's just a trading name change, or a clone that has same components and performance or a total knock-off low quality fake.

Loving the features and sound quality is improved. Have not got my head round the way the Modes work, the filtering, think I noticed a difference between 1 and 2.
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Shenzhen Audio

^ This is correct. And if it's where your D50S came from you're fine. :)

The Aimpire AD10 is a Topping knockoff. And not a good one.

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