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what is best head phone for sound


Mar 8, 2021
what is best head phone for sound:
Austrian Audio Hi-X50Apple
AirPods Max
Grado SR325e
Sony WH-1000XM4


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Nov 15, 2019
You have picked 4 fairly different headphones and price difference is over £300 from cheapest to dearest.
  • Two have bluetooth and 2 don't
  • The Grados are open backed which means they leak sound and probably not best in an environment where you might disturb others. Also poor isolation, so you'll hear external noise. They'll have a much better soundstage than the others
  • The Airpods are quite Apple centric and very pricey

You'd be best working out how you intend using them, first.
  • What sources will you be using (phone, amplifier, etc)
  • Do you want/need bluetooth, mic etc
  • Will you be using them outside or on transport (open vs closed, ANC or not)
  • Will you be carrying then around a lot (rugged and good folding ability)
  • Will you be using them for extended periods (comfort - closed back headphones can make your ears a bit warm)
  • Price willing to pay
You ask about best sound. This is subjective and ultimately only you can really tell. However, on those grounds alone, then I'd probably be looking at the Grados, primarily for the better soundstage but I wouldn't take them out and about. For a good quality, general use headphones, then possibly the Sony's.

I am not sure I'd risk paying somewhere north of £500 for headphones, without auditioning and comparing them, first.
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Oct 29, 2020
what is best head phone for sound:
Austrian Audio Hi-X50Apple
AirPods Max
Grado SR325e
Sony WH-1000XM4

I own both the Grado and the Apple.

The Grado is phenomenal for the money and you will find yourself listening to your cds all over again. The amount of detail is great but they are so rhythmical and punchy too. They will bleed sound so listening indoors is best suited.

The Apples are amazing too and are so detailed for wireless headphones. You will hear things you never knew were in tracks. They are built to last too. I use Amazon music with both headphones. To my ears they sounds very close to the B&W P9 signature. Punchy bass and the detail in treble is jaw dropping for wireless.

It all depends what you want in headphones? If you want wireless then apple over sony is a no brainer. If you want fun and detail then listening with the Grado would be my choice.

I also own the Campfire headphones https://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/collections/campfire-audio/products/campfire-audio-cascade-closed-back-headphones-with-detachable-cable

and B&W P9
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