What Headphones to buy for rock and gaming?

Aug 7, 2014
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Hey guys! Can you recommend me an headphones between 150-250 dlls?
I want it for play BF4 and listen music like a pink floyd, led zeppelin, the who, blus, some of Metal... sometimes but rarely electro, psycho...
Actually I've a Beats Studio, and I'm thinking buy the Sennheiser HD 598, Beyerdynamic custom one pro, V-moda crossfade lp, Audio-technica Ath-m50 or others in the same price 200-275 usd. Thanks guys!!

PD: Sorry for my english, I'm learning x)

Lauri Cular

New member
Jul 23, 2014
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The M50 might be a bit low in the midrange for rock - I've always liked the Custom One Pro but you might think differently. Have you noticed any sensitivity to high frequencies/treble? Or do you like a bit of bass?

You've listed both open and closed-back headphones there, do you need to block out noise from outside?

If you need closed-back I'm suggesting you look at the SoundMAGIC HP150, or the now replaced HP100 which may be cheaper, these are great all-rounders.