What have I done wrong?


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Jan 12, 2014
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Hello All,

Like many of us of a certain age I had a lot of CDs. Over a number of years (due to a couple of moves when the CDs were in storage) I have digitised them, using EAC. I have saved them to my OneDrive (cloud) as like many people my PC has a small SSD and my phone does not accept SD cards. Because of this I need to stream the FLAC files to play them. My current plan is to use the following set ups depending on the room:

OneDrive (FLAC files) - Samsung Phone - Google Chromecast Audio - amplifier
OneDrive (GLAC files) - Samsung Phone - Google Chromecast Audio - amplifier

This works but with a major issue. I am using BubbleUPnP as the app to 'retrieve' the FLAC files and send them to the GCA. However it seems whatever album I put in the playlist in BubbleUPnP, the tracks are played in a random order, despite the playlist listing the tracks correctly in numerical order. It is as so I have 'shuffle' whether I like it or not - which is highly annoying.

So have I done anything wrong (in the early days I possibly did not use EAC properly but if I play the albums saved to an SD card in an old phone, they play properly) or should I use another piece of software to stream the FLAC files, noting I want to 'cast' them to the GCA. I just hope I have not made a major error in how I have saved the FLAC files, but I don't think I have. I don't really want to buy another phone with an SD card slot, nor use a PC instead of the phone. All ideas welcome (and please not I don't really want to buy any more hardware).


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Well that's very strange. I would say there is nothing wrong with your EAC rips if the albums are appearing in the correct track sequence in the playlist. It does seem to be a playback problem. I haven't used Bubble for a while but just loaded it up on my phone and it says for update 4.3.5 " fixed many issues with Playlist shuffle mode ( enabled via toggle in 'Now Playing'tab) " so that would suggest a known problem...
Just check you have the latest update and perhaps delete and re-install the app? A pain I know..... 😖
On the playing screen are the 'crossed arrows' white or red?