Upgrading to a better true wireless device


Mar 10, 2020
My first ever pair of true wireless earbuds have been the 1More Stylish earphones and I'm now a convert to the form factor for the convenience. But the sound quality, while good, cannot compare with the wired 1More products or even my previous Jaybird x3 headphones. So I'm looking to upgrade if it means meaningful improvement in sound quality. My main requirements:

- Subtle stylings (nothing flashy, bulky)
- Above average battery life
- No bulky cases, no micro-USB, wireless charging would be a plus
- Eclectic musical tastes, I like bass but not an over-hyped bass profile
- ANC would be a bonus
- Comfortable for extended wear, stable for light jogging
- Good call quality
- Willing to spend on a premium product, but not at crazy audiophile levels

Looking at products now available, I considered the Libratone Track Air plus special edition, but I'm not if it is worth the premium price. I like the Sony WF-1000XM3, but don't like that it protrudes so much from the ears and the case is chunky. The 1More True Wireless ANC seems to tick most boxes, but I'm not sure if the sound quality is much better vs. 1More Stylish. The upcoming Technics true wireless earbuds intrigue me, but I wonder about stability during exercise and I'd hate to wait a few months if they turn out to be unsuitable.

Is there anything out now that I'd find compelling? Anything around the corner?